Newsmakers of Life Management

Keep yourself posted with the Newsmakers who create legends. The people who make things happen and yet stand behind the screens are drawn into our star light and we give you their journey. Get to know about the charity events and fundraising that are working for a cause and take a look into their struggle for better living. See how the choices we make today in saving electricity and conserving water today will affect the lives tomorrow. Fill yourself in about these people who make everyday life worth living.


People everywhere are struggling with choices and the right way always looks like the difficult path. Gain knowledge on how to face different struggles in life. Life Management gives you the outlook to live your life. We share the various things that people meet in their daily style of living and how they manage to pull through. Learn to navigate through the rough water challenges you face every day with us.


Positive News Weekly & Friday Good News

Dwell on the solutions than on the problem, with the Positive News Weekly and spread a positive vibe with some positive news about positive people whom we find in our lives daily with their simple actions to make a difference, to continue moving forward towards a bigger and better world.  Aiming to inspire and empower the readers, the staffs at the news post create a balanced and constructive effect.

The motive of the site is to build a positive art of living. With the Friday good news, get ready for an optimistic weekend ahead. Reach out to the outside world, helps those in need, become a better individual by doing some wonderful deeds, everyday. We bring to you only the best news that makes you appreciate the beauty of life. Step into the life of those who make it a point to live a life of value and integrity. See how small insignificant deeds play a major role in transforming another’s life. A kind smile and a helping hand, go a long way.

Human news for the mind, body and soul serves as a boost to a healthy being. Learn about useful tips and stories that will change your attitude towards everyday livings. Start your day with a pleasant story or event, everyday, all day. Watch the news that makes sense, matters most right here with us.

Join us and help us make the change by being the change.

The Friday Post & Good News

Modern day life is full of complications, causing stress, which is why the young and the elderly are pausing and taking at look at emotional rejuvenation. This is where The Friday Post comes in The website has a number of articles and posts on subjects that not only takes care of the body, mind, soul and the heart but also lets people share their valuable thoughts. News and views from around the world are assimilated and brought forward in such a fashion that it makes for very interesting read on leisurely Fridays and weekends Its Fresh Friday Selection on life management tricks and tips is not to be missed Even its articles on family and filial ties are an interesting ensemble of writings. It has captivating articles on sometimes quaint subjects like ‘Two-Headed Shark’, a child dying five times in a year and how chewing gum can boost brain power.

The Friday Good News section keeps the readers wanting for more. No wonder why the more and more people are signing up for Friday News was never so interesting but it is now, with It has very positive and encouraging news like transplantation of a bionic (artificial) hand which allows a patient to feel‘lifelike’ sensations. It has news and tips for health enthusiasts like how walking or jogging are better than gym and how one can take care of the heart. It has inspirational stories on how a teenager designs a successful educational website and how women are matching their stride with men by starting their ventures like a taxi-company in New Delhi. The articles included on the website generally have an uplifting effect on the spirit. The engaging aspect of the website ensures that the reader is able to leave a comment on the website on many articles. All in all, it is a culmination of best news and views on subjects of physical and mental health for people who are may be victims of modern day lifestyle stress or generally for an avid reader of science and biology and their relation to humans or generally for someone who wants some fun reading.

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